8th February 2016

Non Exec

Key benefits that an effective non-executive director can give your company are:


Draw upon years of commercial experience, across a range of industries, to help inform critical strategic decisions. You have an effective “sounding board” for ideas on issues from new product development to takeovers. Gain new insight into old problems, from an objective and “fresh” pair of eyes (and ears!) Sound advice on how to grow your business. Profitably. Bring fresh ideas, access to key contacts, skills and tools to your board room. A focus clearly on the things that really matter, so non exec input can be vital to ensure you find and stay on the right track. Create balance, rigour, discipline and accountability to the board room.

Some one who is using their contacts, insight, awareness and eye for good business to identify new opportunities and warn against possible threats. By recruiting Ken Ashdown to act as a non-executive director, you get all the benefits outlined above plus you are investing in a highly talented, insightful individual, with the clarity of mind and integrity to deliver real value to your organisation. This finance expertise has proved invaluable to a number of companies, helping them avoid costly strategic errors, and providing knowledge in areas where perhaps there were gaps in the existing boards skills.

Next Steps…
Recruiting a non executive director is often about finding the “right fit” personally, as well as finding someone with the necessary skills. So if you would like to arrange a confidential, no obligation meeting to discuss your companies requirements, and to see if you feel we can work effectively together, please Contact me now!